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Roughly 11,000 students apply to US universities from the UK each year.

A-List Education operates the US admissions arm of the Dukes Consultancy. We provides complete, tailored guidance for both undergraduate and graduate applications to US universities including application guidance and preparation for entrance exams.

The A-List Education team provide expert answers and help students build a personal strategy for a successful application. Call +44 (0)20 7499 2394 or Email us

Our US Application Consultancy Services

Our US Consultancy services are always tailored to the needs of each individual student. For More information visit our US Applications Website

Our most popular advising package includes:

  • Personalised application timeline
  • Personalised university research list
  • University visit itinerary
  • Extracurricular/CV development support
  • Comprehensive application management, including all international student paperwork
  • Completion of the entire Common Application (including the CV section)
  • Personal statement brainstorming and full draft review process
  • Supplemental essays for up to 8 universities
  • Interview preparation
  • Liaised support with secondary school


A-List provides a suite of tuition options ranging from SAT/ACT preparation to general academic tutoring for nearly every curriculum. Students can prepare for the SAT/ACT in a variety of formats including: one-on-one tuition, bootcamps and school courses. On average, students improve their SAT scores by 166 points and ACT scores by 5 points. In addition to the SAT and ACT, A-List is able to offer support for all major American entrance exams, including the SSAT, ISEE, GRE, GMAT, LSAT and MCAT. 

Complete Guidance At Every Stage Of the US Application

Our US Consultancy services are always tailored to the needs of each individual student. For most clients, we build our support around the following core areas:

Choosing the Perfect College

Our in-depth knowledge helps you to choose a college or university with the right academic emphasis, facilities, and ethos. For graduate applications, we can identify departments that cater to your research interests.

Exam Support

We provide private one-to-one tuition for the necessary SAT / ACT / GRE / LSAT / MCAT tests and any other specialised assessments.

Application & Essay Completion

We offer expert guidance and administrative management at every stage of the application. This includes support drafting admissions essays, personal/research statements and presenting extra-curricular activities.

Financial Guidance

For many students, applying to the US begins with a question of finance. Our comprehensive knowledge of the US university sector enables us to advise you on any aspect of the financial side of admissions, including scholarship opportunities for international students.

Book a Consultation

Meet with an expert advisor for 60 minutes to review the US university application process and landscape, discuss applicant competitiveness/suitability for specific universities and determine next steps. Consultation includes detailed follow-up plan.

Book a Consultation

Call +44 20 3893 3553 or email us

Feedback On Our US Admissions

My expectations have definitely been surpassed, and I believe I have benefited greatly from the range of advice and guidance that I had received as an applicant- from the tiniest details on respective college admissions processes to interview feedback.
Rory, on receiving an offer to study at Harvard University. 2016 Dukes Client

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