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Summer Holidays and Back-To-School Tuition

Summer holidays can often lead to a loss of knowledge learnt during the school term as children make the most of the free time available to them. How can parents balance the need for their children to relax and wind down whilst encouraging them to stay academically active? Here are 5 tips to consider when planning your child’s summer schedule:

Top Summer Reading For 2016
  • 1. Wilful Disregard. Lena Andersson
  • 2. The Girls. Emma Cline
  • 3. Identity and Violence. Amartya Sen
  • 4. The Bone Clocks. David Mitchell
  • 5. How to be Both. Ali Smith

1. Encourage reading!

If you’re off on holiday, encourage your child to take a book with them – reading will keep their mind engaged and help to increase vocabulary.

2. Create a schedule

To make the most of the free time your child has during the holidays, consider scheduling specific times designated for study and for play. This will ensure that your child follows a daily routine.

3. Find out what your child will be studying

Summer is the best time to find out what students will be studying next year – speak to your child’s teacher or check the class syllabus for the upcoming year.

4. Develop a syllabus

Does your child struggle with certain topics or subjects more than others? Summer is a brilliant time to work on areas of difficulty by creating a syllabus that focuses on challenging subjects.

5. Consider private tuition

In younger children's lives, six to ten weeks outside of school is a long time, during which a great deal of development is taking place. A private tutor can provide a learning environment in which growing brains are stimulated and stretched, For older students, the summer can provide welcome space to grapple with challening subject areas, or to prepare for any entrance exams that they may be facing in the new school year. The chance for one-to-one learning  can bring your child’s level of understanding of a subject, or their exam technique, from a low to high in a short space of time. This can be particularly beneficial before the start of the new school year

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