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How to Select the Best Tutor for your Child

Selecting the best tutor for your child can make all the difference to his or her academic success. All students can benefit from the one-to-one attention that an independent tutor can provide. In a classroom setting, it is easy for your child’s needs to be overlooked by those of the rest of the class. As a result, many students fall behind as early as primary school, damaging their academic confidence.

A tutor can help your child get back on track if they need additional assistance processing and understanding certain concepts or subjects. Even if your son or daughter exceeds in his or her classes, they could still benefit from the expertise of a tutor when studying for important exams, such as school entrance exams or preparation for the GCSE or A Level’s. With so many tutors available for hire, it can be difficult to know where to start in your search. Below are some of the key credentials and qualities which constitute a great tutor for any student, regardless of age or ability.

1. Credentials and qualifications

When looking to hire a tutor for your child, it is important to enquire about the candidate’s professional credentials and qualifications. While a prestigious degree is not the only important qualification necessary for a good tutor, it is a great way to get a sense of the tutor’s own academic background. At Dukes Education, we vet all of our tutors to ensure that they have the appropriate academic qualifications. In fact, over 85% of our tutors are Oxford or Cambridge educated.

2. Experience

Because each student is unique in their learning, be on the lookout for a tutor who has experience working with different types of learners. Are they able to adapt to the needs of your child? Experienced tutors will be able to suggest different strategies for processing information if one method of learning is not working for your child. Further, when looking for a tutor, try narrowing your search to candidates who have experience working with the age group or subject that matches your child’s needs. Hiring a tutor that is an expert in the subject matter at hand, for example, can ensure that your child is receiving specialised assistance. Some tutors even specialise in exam readiness, such as GCSE or A Level preparation, or guidance on the university application process.

3. Passion

Finding a passionate educator can make a big difference in helping your child become motivated and excited about their education. A great tutor will build a positive rapport with his or her pupil, allowing their academic performance and confidence to flourish.
Finding a tutor that meets these criteria is an excellent way to ensure that you are hiring the right tutor for your child’s needs. If you are having trouble finding tutors that meet these qualifications, consider approaching a tutoring agency, like Dukes Education, which offers a variety of vetted professionals to choose from. Meet some of our tutors online or make an enquiry to find out how our tutors could help your child reach their full potential.

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