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Melbourne city council has found an unintended consequence of giving their trees identification numbers – hundreds of love letters about the trees making their way to the city council.

The identification numbers were given to each tree as a way for passers-by to track damage and report it to the government. By linking each tree up to a unique email address, people were then encouraged to survey the damage and email in so that the council could rehabilitate damaged trees.

Instead of damage reports, however, Melburnians began to send emails detailing what they loved about individual trees in the city. One writer emailed a golden elm to say keep up the good work, while another was complimented on its beauty. Geography applicants should look at the topography of the urban map that the City of Melbourne produced to account for the levels of deforestation and damage, while English applicants may enjoy reading the letters sent to various trees, and understanding how language can have an impact through being written, and not just through being read.

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