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One of Saturn’s moons has a “magic island”. Why magic? Well, it vanished.It appeared on one of Cassini’s flyby images, and was gone by the next – and we just don’t know why, how or where it went. That said, it hasn’t stopped scientists speculating, and there are four main theories, (all of which sound slightly unsavoury in a dietary context but much more fun when it comes to space): surface waves, rising bubbles, and suspended or floating solids. It’s already interesting because the moon, Titan, has proven bodies of stable surface liquid (even with waves!), like Earth, and the way its geography works was described by one scientist as “an incredible mind-expander”. Like Earth, it too may have undergone severe ice ages over time, turning it into a giant snowball. Fascinating stuff for all your Geographers and fans of Astrophysics.

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Dukes Consultancy 14 – 16 Waterloo Place, London, SW1Y 4AR


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