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The Archaeological Museum in Frankfurt has invented a new way to attract children to museums – Lego.

The museum, currently hosting a ‘Time Travel’ exhibition showing Roman artefacts, has begun to build small models of its archaeological exhibits in Lego next to the real thing. Museum curator Kathrin Meents says that the idea behind this unusual display method was to make history easy to understand for children, and to relate to them in a medium they are already familiar.

Archaeology applicants should consider how museum curation and presentation differs from the original archaeological site in situ. Those interested in museum studies in particular should seek to understand the requirement of heritage sites and foundations to make its archives and artefacts accessible to the public.

The Lego was not pieced together by the lay museum worker, however – Engineering applicants may find it surprising to hear that Germany has a team of certified Lego professionals who plan, design, and construct models as and when requested.

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