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A new antimalarial drug has been developed by researchers at Dundee University. The compound, entitled DDD107498, was developed by the university’s Drug Discovery Unit and the Medicines for Malaria Venture.

Medicine applicants should be aware that many parasites have become resistant to current malaria treatments. The exciting discovery therefore comes at a critical stage in the development of treating the deadly disease.

Biomedical Sciences applicants may join scientists in hailing the discovery as potentially ground-breaking due to its tri-fold ability to treat malaria, whilst also protecting people from the disease and preventing its spread, all in a single dose.

Malaria is found in more than 100 countries, with an estimated 3.3 billion people at risk of contracting the mosquito-borne illness. HSPS and Geography applicants may want to consider the role global organisations, such as the World Health Organisation, play in reducing the spread of illnesses in less economically developed countries. PPE applicants may also be interested in discussing levels of international and domestic funding available for medical research and development. 

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