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Admissions Tests can be prepared for and our Admissions Test Courses help students to perform their best in these tests.

Admissions Tests can help Admissions Tutors decide who is invited to interview, and who is ultimately awarded a place at Oxford and Cambridge. In early 2016, Cambridge introduced a suite of new Admissions Tests and as a result, most applicants will now prepare for a test as part of their Oxbridge application.

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Arrival and registration

Test strategy tutorial

With your Oxbridge test expert, you will go through an entire mock Admissions Test, learning how to approach questions and write model answers. In this first session, you will understand how to approach the unfamiliar style of Admissions Test questions and ensure you answer in accordance with the mark scheme specification.

Test technique tutorial

In this second part of the day, you will continue to look at example questions and the paper as a whole. With your tutor, you will devise a strategy for approaching the test, including the best way to manage time, the content that is crucial to gain high marks, and which areas of your preparation you need to focus on.

Timed Admissions Test

After lunch, you will sit a full Admissions Test in exam conditions. You will have the full experience of sitting an Admissions Test to ensure that you can apply what you have learned throughout the day, and are not unfamiliar with the time and style of content of the test when it comes to the real thing. Your Admissions Test will be marked and returned to you up to ten working days after the event.



Following the event, you will receive the final two Admissions Tests, totaling four complete admissions tests and answer sets, usually priced at £120. You will also receive a free book with a value of £12.99.


Oxbridge Applications’ ELAT preparation day was a really organised and enjoyable day worth every penny. My group leader was very passionate and top of the ELAT results in her year, which reflects the high standard of Oxbridge Applications. I didn’t feel like I was being merely taught how to churn out the right answers but came away from the day highly enriched and even received some additional interview advice. I highly recommend this for an Oxbridge English applicant!

Cate, ELAT Admissions Test Course attendee, 2017.

Thank you for the opportunity to attend the PAT session at LSE on Sunday. The organisation, presentation and content was outstanding. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and have taken a lot away from the experience. It was well worth the 400 mile round trip.

I look forward to the coming interview preparation session and thank you again for all your help and support.

Jacob, PAT Admissions Test Course attendee, 2017.

Although clearly both the admissions test and interviews are designed so that they are difficult to prepare for, the HAT Admissions Test Seminar and Interview Preparation Day gave me more confidence. Apparently I got 80 out of 100 whilst the average for people who got offers was 68 and for those interviewed, 62. I am sure the HAT day contributed to many of those marks.

Laurie, HAT Admissions Test Course attendee, 2014.

I’m writing to thank you very much for the help you offered in preparation for my LNAT. The guidance you provided proved invaluable for the test, especially in the assessment of the MCQs, which I felt were my weaker side of the test. I hope you continue doing these seminars as your direction was fantastic and engaging!

Tamara, LNAT Admissions Test Course attendee, 2014.

Fantastic – thank you so much. I learnt a lot and am now actually looking forward to the exam. You have de-mystified the BMAT for me. The presenter was fantastic. I understood everything he told us and feel much more prepared for the real test.

Ameer, BMAT Admissions Test Course attendee, 2014.

Just thought I’d tell you that I asked Oxford for my ELAT test result now they’ve been released and found out I came 11th with 86%. I’m so happy but wanted to say thanks as I couldn’t have done it if I hadn’t been on the seminar day.

Phoebe, ELAT Admissions Test Course attendee, 2014.

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The vast majority of courses at Oxford and Cambridge require an Admissions Test. On our Admissions Test Courses, we support students sitting:

BMAT – Oxford and Cambridge Medicine

Cambridge Law Test – Cambridge Law

ELAT – Oxford and Cambridge English and joint courses

HAT – Oxford History and joint courses

LNAT – Oxford Law and joint courses

TSA – Cambridge Land Economy and Oxford Economics & Management, Experimental Psychology, Geography, Human Sciences, Philosophy & Linguistics, PPE, Psychology & Linguistics, and Psychology & Philosophy

The Admissions Test is a levelling measure of ability – they are designed to look unfamiliar to applicants and so Admissions Tutors use them as a gauge of a student’s potential to study at university. Along with the interview, they are crucial ways a student can demonstrate their academic ability and potential.For some subjects, the Admissions Test will determine whether students are even accepted to interview – Oxford uses the BMAT score to help determine who is shortlisted to interview, for example, demonstrating that this is a crucial aspect of the application to master.

Oxbridge Applications provide specialist courses to prepare applicants for the admissions tests. The Oxbridge-graduate tutors who will help you prepare are specialists in the individual test they run. Unlike other test consultancies, we also investigate the previous year’s exam papers annually, updating our materials to ensure the most accurate possible experience. Our Admissions Test Courses provide the rigorous preparation needed to succeed in the admissions tests: in the previous application cycle.

What to expect

Oxbridge-graduate test specialists

Run by highly experienced Oxbridge-graduate specialists in the individual tests.

Adaptive to you

For tests requiring many different skill sets like the Thinking Skills Assessment (TSA), structured to adapt to areas you find harder.

Experience the real test environment

Sit a full-length mock exam under timed, exam conditions, reproducing the intensity of the real exam.

Adaptive to you

For tests requiring many different skill sets like the Thinking Skills Assessment (TSA), structured to adapt to areas you find harder.

Technique and strategy

A focus on essay technique & timing strategies, to make time work to your advantage.

Two full papers marked

Two full papers marked & returned to you with plenty of time to assess weaknesses before the real thing.

Experience the real test environment

Sit a full-length mock exam under timed, exam conditions, reproducing the intensity of the real exam.

Original mock tests

Includes all of our unique mock papers in your test, with incredibly detailed answer packs.

Admissions test workbook

For content, technique, tackling exam questions, developing essay technique and time management.

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