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Many people ask how to apply to US Univerisites from the UK. A-List Education operates the US admissions arm of the Dukes Consultancy and provides complete, tailored guidance for both undergraduate and graduate applications (including Law and Medicine) to US universities.

Our US Application Consultancy Services

One-To-One Application Guidance: Our experts in either undergraduate or postgraduate US university applications can provide as much support as you need.

The team deliver tailored advice and practical, hands-on support in all areas of admissions from college and course selection, to selecting admissions tests, advising on teacher references, guiding completion of application forms and providing editorial support with the all-important application essays.

Essay Review Service: For students seeking to focus on their application essays, we provide a specific review service with editorial assistance. Our experts work through multiple drafts of the application essays, providing feedback and guidance until it is 'ready-to-sumbit'. 

Entrance Test (SAT/ACT/Postgraduate Exam) Private Tuition: For students seeking hourly exam tuition, A-List Education provides private tutors for all major American entrance exams, including the SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, LSAT and MCAT. 


Our US University Offers

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The A-List Education team provide expert answers and help students build a personal strategy for a successful application.

Initial Consultation Details

Meet with an expert advisor for 60 minutes to review the US university application process and landscape, discuss applicant competitiveness/suitability for specific universities and determine next steps. Consultation includes detailed follow-up plan.

Location: In our London offices or online


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