The right tutor can often make all the difference in a child’s education. For those already doing well, an expert tutor can help them move beyond the merely ‘very good’ to the ‘exceptional’. Pupils hitting snags in their grasp of an academic subject can be helped immeasurably when tutors give one-to-one explanations and clear up the misunderstandings that frequently arise in class teaching. We provide private and group tuition for students at all stages of their academic journey - from school exams and university admission tests to subject-specific tuition. 

Our tutors are excellent at identifying key areas that students need to work on in order to succeed. No matter how much time there is before a test or an exam, they are able to create a personalised programme for any student to follow - one that will suit them. As well as all topics, exam and revision techniques are also covered. Our tutors give any students preparing for an exam regular assessments to track their progress, and have a wealth of materials, practice papers, knowledge and expertise.

Our tutors tailor their approach to suit the specific needs of each student, taking their personality and interests into account to create motivating, inspiring and enjoyable lessons. As a result, parents often find an increase in self-confidence as well as an increase in grades. We encourage students to develop a lifetime love of learning. 

Our Private Tuition Services

Early Years

  • Pre-School/Junior School
  • Common Entrance Preparation - 7/8+, 11+, 13+
  • Specialist Learning Support

School Curriculum Support

  • GCSE, Subject-Specific Tuition
  • A Level, IB, Pre-U Tuition

University Admissions Preparation

  • Admissions Tests e.g. UCAT, National Admissions Test for Law
  • Oxford and Cambridge Entrance Tests
  • SAT/ACT Exams
  • Postgraduate Exams e.g. GRE, LSAT, GMAT

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