School Placements

Our School Placement service is led by John Ing, a former House Master at Harrow and Stowe schools for over 20 years. During this time he developed a wide-reaching network of relationships with top independent schools, as well as extensive expertise in guiding admissions to top schools such as Eton, Harrow and Charterhouse. 

A good school is a chance to give your child something special at a crucial stage in life, when they stand to benefit greatly from an environment that allows them to flourish. We help you pick the right school for you and your child - and guide them all the way through the challenging process of gaining admission.

Our School Selection and Admissions Services

Private Consultation: This one-hour session is the recommended starting point for parents seeking support with gaining entrance to a top independent school, or education guidance for their child. The consultation is suitable for children at any stage of their academic career from Early Years and Nursery entrance to prep and senior school. Consultations cost £295 and take place in our London offices or over Skype™.

Schools Placement Programme: Following a consultation, many families will sign up to a full programme of support, in which our team of consultants will leverage their extensive networks in UK independent schools to select a school and ultimately achieve a placement for the child. Alongside the administrative process of applying to a school, a dedicated consultant will provide ongoing guidance on how to navigate and impress throughout the admissions system, from educational assessments and academic profiles to headteachers interviews. The programme is tailored specifically to meet each family's needs and the schools they are considering. Fees are dependent upon the levels and types of support required.

Education Assessments: Academic profiling assessments provide an excellent reference point to guide decisions regarding your child's education. We use Computer-Adaptive Assessments as a starting point with our Schools Placement clients, or as one-off sessions, to obtain an independent analysis of a child's learning potential. Dukes can also provide testing for students with Special Educational Needs.

Find the perfect school

School Placement Selection Admissions John Ing

Meet with School Placement expert John Ing, to begin your journey of getting a place at a top school.

Take The First Step

In a one-hour session, John will provide expert answers to your questions and help build a strategy for finding a place at your perfect school. 

Location: In our London offices or over Skype™.

Price: £295.

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John and his team of specialists are able to offer expert guidance in any area ranging from Early Years Development to Special Educational Needs.

Tel: +44 (0)20 3696 5300