How to Decide Between Studying at Home or Abroad

19/09/2016 Author Dukes Education

Studying abroad is a great opportunity for students to interact with various cultures, expand their world views, and strengthen their CVs.

Getting Into Universities in England and the UK

Getting into University in England and the UK - Frequently Asked Questions

31/08/2016 Author Dukes Education

Applying to university can seem overwhelming but there are many resources available to support you through the process.

Find the best tutor for your child - tuition and tutoring guidance

How to Select the Best Tutor for your Child

31/08/2016 Author Dukes Education

Selecting the best tutor for your child can make all the difference to his or her academic success. All students can benefit from the one-to-one attention that an independent tutor can provide.

Guide To The SAT and ACT Exams - US Entrance Tests

Guide To The SAT and the ACT: US Entrance Tests

30/08/2016 Author Dukes Education

Having a hard time choosing between the testing thrills of the ACT or the SAT?

Most likely, you will choose to take one or both of these tests to support your application(s) to US universities.