What to Look for in a School Placement Consultancy

Author: Dukes Education

Thursday 01st September 2016

Determining the right school for your son or daughter doesn’t have to be stressful. With so many aspects to consider, it is understandable you may feel uncertain about your options, but a school placement consultancy can provide support. School placement is a service that is intended to make your life easier, as school placement consultants can provide expertise and behind-the-scenes understanding when it comes to placing your son or daughter in the best school possible. For the best experience, there are a few things to consider when looking for a school placement consultant.

The best school placement consultant should walk you and your son or daughter through the entire process – from finding the right school, to the application process, necessary tests and any interviews. Providing invaluable advice, school placement consultancy is an asset for many parents that are seeking to place their child in the best school that suits their child and family’s individual needs. 

Here are the key things to look out for when selecting a school placement consultancy: 

1.    A consultant that will get to know your child – It’s important the consultant listens and understands your child’s individual needs, their goals and aspirations, their strengths, and weaknesses.  No two children are the same and a consultant should match the child’s personality to the school ethos before finalising any potential school choices. It is important as a parent to ask yourself “Do they really understand what we need?”

2.    A consultant that will accompany you on visits – Not all consultants will accompany you on your visit to a school. However, one that will do school visits is a big bonus. A good consultant knows the appropriate questions to ask and can usually facilitate extra access for you so you can observe the teaching and environment your child may be stepping into. A consultant will notice things you may not. You can compare notes afterward and discuss your feelings or concerns. 

3.    A consultant that has experience in entrance exams -  Choose a consultancy that’s experienced in the entrance exams required for your first-choice schools. Application processes and entrance exams change every year, so you need the understanding and assurance of no unpleasant surprises coming up for your child that will affect their confidence or performance. A great suggestion is to ask your consultant what they know of last year’s processes and how it differed from the year before that. 

4.    A consultant that offers support for interviews or tests- A good consultant will offer your child plenty of support in practicing and preparing for interviews or tests. The consultant should be experienced in the different styles and approaches each school takes in their interviews. This should be discussed at length to prepare your child.  A consultant may offer tutoring that will fill in any gaps or additional needs for your child. 

5.    A consultant that won’t make false promises - A good consultant will not promise you impossible milestones your child may not be able to reach. They should be providing you with a practical framework - not telling you what they believe you want to hear.  The determining factors for your child’s placement depend on numerous aspects, so it is advisable that you always have a backup plan.




Author: Dukes Education

Thursday 01st September 2016

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