Kiran Kamat

Specialist subjects: Business Studies, Development Studies, Economics, P.E, Politics, Psychology, Religious Studies, Sociology (AS and A Level). Business Studies, Marketing, Sociology and Research Methodology (undergraduate and post-graduate level). MBA. 

Also teaches: study skills, exam preparation, essay writing, revision skills, presentational skills, public speaking, GMAT preparation, and PhD advice, after the external examiner's report

School and university entrance preparation: Kiran’s students have gained places at a wide range of universities including Bocconi, Bristol, CASS, Exeter, Goldsmiths, Imperial, Leeds, LSE, Manchester, Newcastle, Oxford, UEA, and Warwick. 


I work in most aspects of management and social sciences, from foundation degree to PhD. I am equally at home with beginners as advanced students. My subject areas are branding, change management, communication studies, consumer behaviour, core business skills; CSR, economics, entrepreneurship, marketing, project management, strategic management and planning, marketing, PR, partnership and sponsorship. I also advise on research methodology, especially constructing dissertations and theses from Bachelor’s degree to PhD, essay/report writing, structure and proofreading and draft appeals for students unhappy with issues surrounding their grades. I have lectured and tutored since 2006.

My approach to tutoring

I believe that good teaching, tutoring and learning is based upon: 1) developing understanding of subject matter through critical thinking and enquiry 2) developing self-belief, self-confidence and self-expression 3) combining the above with independent study to gain and apply knowledge.

About me

Having attended the Universities of Manchester and Birmingham, I received degrees in Economics (BA Econ and MA Econ) from Manchester and a PhD from Birmingham in Project and Change Management within civil engineering.  

I trained as a teacher and have also lectured at a number of universities. I now work as a Professional Tutor at Dukes Education, and have been tutoring and teaching for 11 years. In this time I have had the incredible experience of teaching internationally, including Bangalore, Helsinki, Melbourne, New York, Paris, Perth and Shanghai. I have also seen my students achieve entrance to Russell Group universities and top graduate school programmes such as Bocconi, CASS, LSE and MBS. 

Hobbies and interests outside of tutoring

I love to play and coach tennis, train for endurance cycling events, I am an avid reader of non-fiction, and enjoy the theatre, dance and music. 


“Inspirational, supportive, articulate, reliable, expert. Kiran embraces all of these characteristics and more. His knowledge of sports business management and organisation is vast and second to none.”

“Kiran was pivotal to my progression into commercial sport. He gave me the confidence, academic foundation & practical insight to pursue a career in a closed-off industry. His lectures were thorough and in-depth providing current & relevant examples & his feedback fair & constructive. To date Kiran has been the most influential person in my academic and professional life; he always went that extra mile, preparing me for interviews, introducing me to useful contacts or giving critical feedback for assessments.”

“Kiran is an excellent educator. He has consistently shown genuine interest in the progress and development of his students and is always willing to offer support and facilitation. Personally, Kiran has been a tutor and mentor and, most importantly, an inspiration to me over the course of knowing him as my lecturer, supervisor and advisor. He is a source of unwavering inspiration and support that has continued to motivate me to pursue my dream in my academic journey.”

“Kiran possesses an exceptional ability to connect with students, motivate them and involve them in active work and discussions around the subject area.”

“An excellent teacher who works hard to inspire his students to perform to the highest level. I would strongly recommend him.”

“Kiran was very helpful and always took time to help me when I struggled, going through lecture notes and advising on ways to improve my work. Kiran knew I wanted a 1st Class degree and he put in a lot of effort to ensure I achieved this. I can honestly say it was down to Kiran’s ongoing support, patience and effort that I achieved a 1st Class degree. Anyone who is taught, tutored or mentored by Kiran is very fortunate.”

“Kiran is a great Professor, but above all a great professional. He takes interest in his students and whether they learn what is taught. He is interested in more than theory, as he also teaches ways of applying theory in practice.”

“I felt my skills develop considerably, to the stage where I felt immensely confident whilst undertaking my final A2s in Business Studies and Economics. Kiran helped build my confidence, boost my subject knowledge, and instil a well-polished exam technique into my writing, a weak area before. He advised on an extended project qualification, where I graded 96%, exceeding my expectations considerably. His likeable personality and in-depth subject knowledge fully prepared me in ways that other teachers/tutors have been unable.”

Case study

The teaching at Fred’s school during his AS had seen many changes to the staff. Fred was predicted 3 Cs at the end of his AS exams in Business Studies, Economics and P.E. For A2, our tutoring was intense, a mixture of exams and case studies, each refining knowledge and technique, constantly building upon existing information until the day before each exam. The final grades: A*, A* and A. At the end of his first year at CASS, Fred received the academic achievement award and £1000.  Persistence and determination are always rewarded!