Dr Susanna Pinkus

Susi is a highly qualified and experienced education specialist and author with particular expertise in the field of special education. In addition to her first degree in English and Education, Susi holds a masters degree and doctorate in Education from the University of Cambridge. Alongside her consultancy portfolio, she works part time at one of the UK's leading independent schools. 

Susi can provide individual sessions or ongoing support with parents concerned about their child's learning and/or development. She offers support in areas such as selecting school placements, carrying out case reviews and enabling successful transitions between primary and senior school phases. Sessions can often be provided by Skype or telephone as well as face to face meetings.

Susi also runs individual and group ‘study skills’ sessions tailored to the needs of young people approaching common entrance, GCSE and A Level examinations. She is passionate about teaching young people how to become independent, confident and resilient learners.