Dr Elizabeth Adey

Specialist subjects:

Geography, geochemistry, marine science, environmental sciences, social sciences, environmental and social impact management on engineering projects, corporate social responsibility and human rights management. My academic background has given me extensive experience supporting students developing study skills, research skills, developing projects for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees to doctorate level and in general academic mentoring and coaching,

Also teaches:

Support to prospective university applicants across undergraduate and postgraduate degrees (sciences, social sciences, engineering, business, management etc, personal statement support, study skills (exam preparation, essay writing, critical thinking, revision skills)

School and university entrance preparation:

I provide support to prospective students across a variety of courses up to doctorate level.

Skills and achievements: 

I was awarded a scholarship for my MSc degree, obtaining a distinction. I then went on to obtain a PhD scholarship and to complete post-doctorate research. Professionally I have worked across the sciences and social sciences on engineering projects and I am a Full Member of the Institution of Environmental Sciences, a Chartered Scientist and a Fellow of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining. I have lectured widely, including recently speaking at the Houses of Parliament.

I completed my PG Cert in teaching in higher education in 2009. Whilst working in this role I helped develop and taught study skills modules aimed at supporting students to develop the necessary skills, including providing general academic mentoring support to students.


I have worked in higher education supporting students at three UK universities over the past thirteen years. My experience has included undertaking a PG Cert in teaching in higher education in 2009, developing and teaching study skills modules, lecturing in various subject areas across the sciences and social sciences and working on multidisciplinary research projects.

I support students in improving a wide variety of aspects relating to their studies, including revision techniques, developing projects, report and essay writing and in ensuring they know how to make the most academically from the university environment.

I also help support prospective university applicants, using my own experiences working in higher education and professionally to advise students applying for a wide variety of courses, including providing careers counselling and support in writing their personal statement.   Professionally I have always actively engaged with the ‘virtual learning environment’ using a variety of different programmes and techniques.

My approach to tutoring:

I often work with students requiring support in improving their study skills. The academic mentoring support I provide extends to helping students solve general academic problems, for example; helping them develop their research projects using my experience in academia and developing research projects up to doctorate level. I support students requiring across a wide range of subject areas.

I have subject specific specialisms including: geography, geochemistry, marine science, environmental sciences, social sciences, environmental and social impact management on engineering projects and human rights management. I have also lectured and worked with students on business and management courses, and have a particular specialism working in corporate social responsibility. Professionally I supported managing environmental and social impacts on large scale engineering projects

I am very personable and adapt my tutoring methods to suit a student’s learning style.

About me:

I have had a diverse career and educational background, with experience working across a range of disciplines. For the past two years I have worked helping students apply for university places in the UK and EU. My multidisciplinary background and experience and knowledge of the higher education sector from working at three universities in the UK, has helped me greatly in my role supporting students apply to university. I work closely with their families to support this process.

I have helped students apply for a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate courses, including business, management, finance, humanities, engineering and the sciences.

I am an experienced project/training facilitator, and have designed and delivered training courses on various subject areas. I have delivered courses for higher education employees to enhance student retention at university and to help them develop mentoring programmes on their courses at university. I have a PG Cert in Higher Education, exemplifying my experience of the higher education sector.

Whilst working at the University of Exeter I project managed a large EU funded project assessing the socio-economic and environmental impacts of mining projects across a range of European and Russia. This involved working closely with colleagues at the Russian Academy of Sciences. I have lectured in various subject areas to academic and specialist audiences including most recently at an All Party Parliamentary Group in the Extractives Industry in the Houses of Parliament regarding managing human rights in the mining industry. I maintain strong links with the University of Exeter from my previous role there and deliver guest lectures on a variety of subject areas.

Professionally, I have worked as an environmental and social specialist on large scape engineering projects for private clients and financial institutions.

Hobbies and interests outside of tutoring:

I like to enjoy time with my family spending as much time as possible outdoors. I enjoy walking, body boarding, kayaking and horse riding.